A Ballad of Brazilian Skeletons

Studying American poetic extraordinaire, Allen Ginsberg, in Hiroshima, Japan is probably a sentence I would have never have been able to say a year ago.  However, I can say that now...which is nice. 

In my first year of Language and Literature, I've been immersed into several authors and genres; however, my all time favorite is Allen Ginsberg. Why? Well my classmates would probably say that I like his character: "american, jewish, gay, and a communist." How much more interesting can you get?  

In class, we were asked to emulate one of his poems. I chose "A Ballad of American Skeletons" because I specifically like how he criticizes the stereotypes and functioning of the US through "true" humor. Also, he performed the poem alongside the musical stylings of Paul McCartney, another figure I like a lot. 

Anyways, here is my piece: 

Commentary: This poem imitates that of Allen Ginsberg in idea but in different context. It has similar intentions to criticize a nation and its stereotypes, which in my case would be Brazil  especially now that the FIFA 2014 World Cup is coming up. 

A Ballad of Brazilian Skeletons


Said the Favela skeleton

Lets go to the streets

Said the Lesbo President skeleton

Go back to sleep!


Said the Revolutionary skeleton

The vinegar’s for my rice

Said the Minimum Wage skeleton

It was overpriced!

Said the Housemaid skeleton

I want my kids to go to school

Said the teacher skeleton

Not if I’m making less than you! 



Said the Engineer skeleton

We have no fear

Said the FIFA skeleton

We gave you seven fucking years!


Said the Bandit skeleton

I’ll steal all the bills

Said the Homeless skeleton

Oh I wish I had that skill


 Said the Naturalist skeleton

Think of the trees, the grass!

Said the Corporate skeleton

Oh shove it up your ass 



 Said the Dope skeleton

I need another hit

Said the Parent skeleton

You’ll just end up in’a pit  

Said the Macho skeleton

Women in the kitchen

Said the Female Skeleton

But you’re the one who’s bitchin’


Said the Police skeleton

Move out all the cracks

Said the Moral Majority skeleton

No way, you’ll never take’em back!



Said the Ignorant skeleton

Let’s go eat a cow

Said the Radio skeleton

That’s it Tchau 


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